Heran“I mainly remember the nourishing environment that Alice was able to provide us with.
I always left feeling more empowered to follow my instincts, knowledgeable to make informed choices and equipped with arguments to defend myself in my (conservative) surroundings.” – Heran




Sehin“Alice has been an invaluable asset in my journey into motherhood. Although I had always wanted to breastfeed, I don’t think I would have been able to do so for as long (I breastfed my eldest for two years and I am still nursing my second who is currently 19 months old) or as well without her well-informed support and encouragement.” – Sehin




Jo“Alice gave ante-natal classes to my husband and I before the birth of our first child, Layla. The support and advice she gave us was invaluable and prepared us well for the birth and those tough first few months with a newborn. The classes were brilliant, fun, engaging and informative and not at all embarrassing as my husband feared they would be. I thought I knew quite a lot about labour and birth, but Alice taught us a lot that we didn’t know or hadn’t properly thought about. It meant we were so much calmer when I eventually went into labour as we knew what to expect and had a plan.

As a lactation consultant Alice us such amazing support as well as just the general reassurance an emotional and exhausted new mother needed. Her help got us through those early tough days and continued until we were completely comfortable. Layla has now been breast-fed for nearly 9 months and is a very healthy, happy and inquisitive baby girl. I can’t thank Alice enough for all she did for us and wouldn’t fail to recommend her to every mother to be I meet.” – Jo



Jymdey“Alice was and still is the one person I go to when I have questions on breastfeeding or any other mother related challenge. She has helped me sorting out questions from what to do when my daughter seemed to prefer one breast more than the other to how to introduce discipline without distress but as a caring and loving parent. Alice’s advice and information provided has been extremely useful in helping me define the type of mother I am and want to be. Something I really value is that she gave me the information so that I could make the decisions on my own on what was the best for my daughter and me.” – Jymdey



Rachael“My husband James and I had three classes with Alice ahead of the birth of our first child. I felt quite nervous about giving birth, but Alice really helped to put me at ease by clearly explaining what happens to a woman’s body during labour and sharing positive birth stories. I stopped being afraid of child birth and instead saw it as something natural and had a lot more confidence and self-belief.

We felt comfortable asking Alice anything. James was much more involved in the birth of our daughter because he had a good understanding of things he could do to make me feel at ease – such as the massage techniques Alice showed us.

I would definitely recommend Alice for first time mums!” – Rachael



“[Alice]conducted a series of trainings around Presentation skills and Voice for the communications team and other team leaders.The workshops were fun and challenging and the participants rated them highly.Alice has a good understanding of the work and ethos of Save the Children.”

– Tesfu Gessesse, Communications Director, Save the Children, Ethiopia



“As a lactation consultant [Alice] has trained in the region of 400 nurses, doctors and midwives in the fundamentals and specifics of breastfeeding, including breastfeeding the pre-term infant. She has supported the NICU by raising issues of non-compliance around the advertising of formula milk, as well as working with individual mothers in teh Kangaroo Mother care (KMC) room. She has overseen the creation of a range of breastfeeding resource materials in Amharic. On the labour ward she instigated a programme of education around post-natal skin to skin and its relationship with the reduction of neonatal hypothermia which led to her drafting the ward’s skin to skin policy.”

– Goitom Gebreysus, Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Head of neonatal ICU, Addis Ababa University, College Health Science.